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Using Quark Publishing Platform, multiple users can work and contribute simultaneously to a single project and provide real-time updates to content and layouts.

The platform automatically routes assets and notifies users about new tasks while balancing resources and providing a comprehensive overview of where projects are in the process.

Learn about Collaboration from the perspective of:

   Businesses / Enterprises

Quark Publishing Platform can be fully integrated with content management systems such as IBM FileNet Content Manager and Microsoft SharePoint to accelerate the publishing process and improve productivity.

  • Allows for custom implementation of automatic processes
  • Keeps projects on track to meet deadlines
  • Saves up to 80% over the cost of a manual approach
   Content Creators

With Quark Publishing Platform, authors can collaborate simultaneously with designers on their shared projects. The easier review and approval process enables feedback from multiple stakeholders while allowing writers to work closer to the publishing deadline.

  • Reduces designer bottleneck for placing and formatting copy
  • Eliminates need to circulate PDFs of HTML pages for review
  • Decreases use of outdated information providing higher-value content

Designers working within Quark Publishing Platform can modify layouts at the same time as the content is being created, eliminating delays common in a linear workflow.

  • Allows multiple users to contribute simultaneously
  • Provides real-time updates of content and layout
  • Supports dispersed contributors

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