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Quark Publishing Platform lays a foundation for more efficient customer communications through an automated publishing system.

When processes are automated, content becomes more consistent with fewer errors and can quickly be assembled for faster output. Implementing an automated system can be as simple as routing a project for review and approval or as complex as pushing personalized communications to mobile devices or tablets.

Learn about Automation from the perspective of:

   Businesses / Enterprises

Organizations and professional publishers can automatically reach millions of digitally-connected consumers without incurring millions in cost to do so.

  • Allows for custom implementation of automatic processes
  • Keeps projects on track to meet deadlines
  • Saves up to 80% over the cost of a manual approach
   Content Creators

Authoring structured content for automation requires modest changes to the content creator's process, but enables deeper knowledge capture and increases the value of the content.

  • Saves content creators from manually formatting content
  • Streamlines review and approval to ensure timely delivery to market
  • Allows for dynamic preview of information in context

Layout automation enables designers to quickly create and publish richly-designed, interactive content for the Web and digital devices such as smartphones, the iPad, and the Kindle.

  • Maintains consistency between layouts
  • Streamlines production with synchronized text and images
  • Leaves more time for creativity

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What Customers Are Saying:

"Quark Publishing Platform is helping us to speed up and standardize processes through automation."

- Dr. Roland Klose, IT Director for the Spiegel Group